Rock’n Roots Revival & Fireworks Show –  Saturday, June 25, 2022

RHS made the scene @ Georgetown Day on Sun, June 11, 2017. Rosemary and Charley just chillin on a sunny but very hot day. 🙂


The Car Show was a success. The car folks liked the vibe big time.


1500+! The R’n & R Rocked! Video will be forthcoming. 🙂


Charlie Couch’s lecture on Redding’s History at the  Heritage Center’s “Cultural Cafe” on Wed. Jan. 27th 2016 was a hit. 40+ people showed up to listen to the talk and … stayed for 20 minutes afterward to get more information from the esteemed Mr. C.

Outstanding without question.

The place to go to learn about Redding's interesting history

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